Demand pushes price up

By Country News on August 19, 2017
  • Demand pushes price up

    Dairy Australia reports hay trading has been strong across Victoria in July.

Gippsland is the main growth region where a boost in demand for quality cereal hay has resulted in a price rise recently.

The majority of cereal is now trading at between $150 and $170/tonne but there is poor quality feed available for around $110/tonne.

Good rainfall throughout the region has given crops the boost they needed following a dry June.

Growers have reinstated a positive production outlook for the year.

Mice continue to be a real issue for growers.

The Dairy Australia report notes that good quality protein hay is becoming increasingly difficult to source and as a result prices could rise.

Hay traders are expecting the region’s market to subdue in the coming month.

Dairy Australia recommends getting a mould and yeast test and feed test to ensure value for money this season.

Prices from July:

Cereal hay: +$10 ($110 to $170/tonne). Prices firmed this week.

Lucerne hay: +/-$0 ($220 to $250/tonne). Prices remain steady this week.

Straw: +/-$0 ($90 to $130/tonne). Prices remain steady this week.

Pasture hay: No supply reportedly available.

By Country News on August 19, 2017

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