Hay is not only thing growing

By Country News on August 18, 2017
  • Hay is not only thing growing

    Gaffy's Tractor Hire owner Tim Gaffy said the upcoming hay season looked promising.

  • Hay is not only thing growing

    The stacker can be used to move bales around the paddocks instead of using a semi-trailor.

  • Hay is not only thing growing

    The bale stacker can stack six 8x4x3 rectangular bales at a time.

  • Hay is not only thing growing

    Tim Gaffy's recently purchased 110hp John Deere tractor.

With recent rainfall across the Goulburn Valley, interest in Gaffy’s Tractor Hire’s hay making equipment is growing according to the company’s owner, Tim Gaffy.

Mr Gaffy has recently purchased a new 110hp John Deere tractor which has partial transmission automation.

‘‘One of the reasons I chose the John Deere over the rest of the competition is the new transmission. It gives you some of the features of a Vario transmission without the price tag of a Vario transmission,’’ he said.

‘‘This allows the user to pick a speed and set the speed that the tractor will run at — at any revs — and then you can just put your foot on the brake rather than the clutch. This benefits those doing round baling,’’ Mr Gaffy said.

He said the tractor had a Stoll front loader rather than a John Deere because he preferred the positioning of the Stoll’s joystick.

Mr Gaffy said another popular piece of hay making equipment was the Jaden bale stacker which could stack six 8ftx4ftx3ft rectangular bales at a time.

‘‘You can stack up loads on the paddock or you can use it to stack up bales on the side of the paddock if you are concerned about trucks compacting soils in your paddocks.’’

Mr Gaffy said with the prospect of a promising season ahead, he hoped the 16ft-wide Hesston mower conditioner would have a busy season.

‘‘Its main feature is the dual roller system which crimps the hay twice as much as a regular conditioner. This means the hay becomes dryer faster.

‘‘It also has a 30-foot draper front which is used for windrowing canola and windrowing straw,’’ he said.

‘‘The draper front is set up for spraying underneath the canola for better weed control.’’

By Country News on August 18, 2017

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