Vertical tillage maximising yields

By Country News on February 29, 2016

PFG Australia is distributing the Kansas-built Great Plains Turbo Max, a vertical tillage machine set to transform cultivation practice here.

With such advances in true vertical tillage technology, Australian farmers will look at cultivation in a new light, particularly in broadacre farming which has had heavy reliance on chemical weed control.

Vertical tillage creates a level unrestricted soil profile encouraging the optimal root development and plant nutrition that leads to healthier and more competitive crops.

‘‘Farmers in Australia have been trying to get the same results as these for years but have been cultivating too deep and burying too much residue, which leads to nutrient tie-up,’’ agronomist and PFG product manager John Simpson said.

‘‘Great Plains has a long-standing commitment to developing machinery that answers farmers’ needs, is agronomically sound, and produces the best environment to maximise yields.

‘‘Turbo Max has been specifically developed as a true vertical tillage machine.’’

Mr Simpson said its unique design delivered all the advantages in just one machine.

‘‘Even heavy stubble is not an issue. Also, the horsepower requirements are really low,’’ he said.

The Turbo Max has two gangs working together to size the residue.

Each gang has 7inch blade spacing between coulters; and the bearings in the gangs, and rolling attachments are all maintenance-free.

A patented hydraulic design allows on-the-go adjustments of the gang angle from zero to six degrees to match field conditions.

Transfer valves adjust the weight from the centre to the wings, delivering constant down pressure to the full width of the machine.

Six models are available here with tillage widths of 15, 18, 24, 30, 35 and 40feet.

By Country News on February 29, 2016
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