More bang for your fertiliser buck

By Country News on February 25, 2016

We may live on a ‘level playing field’ but it is still full of lumps and potholes. What we need are new ways of restoring profitability and competitiveness to Australian farms — because too often, farmers find themselves spending more but getting less in return.

Livestock farming in particular is a tricky business.

The soil needs to be managed to produce good pasture; then the pasture needs to be managed to support livestock, and how the animals use that pasture needs to be managed to ensure the whole system operates productively — but these are just things you can see.

The most important stage in pasture production is the growth of new tillers after grazing because this is when the greatest energy demand is placed on reserves in the crown and roots of the plant.

Therefore, what occurs below ground — the things you can’t see — limits the productivity of your operation the most.

Seasol International’s recently released product, PastureMasta, is specifically designed to help improve pasture profitability.

PastureMasta is a specialised blend of three unique products, each offering important benefits for pasture: Seasol, PowerFish and Liquid Organic Humate (plus some added nitrogen).

When combined into PastureMasta, these products help improve the soil, stimulate pasture growth and build productivity in ways that fertiliser alone can not.

Seasol is a highly refined seaweed extract that stimulates root growth and increases plant tolerance to environmental extremes like heat or dry spells and stimulates beneficial soil microbes to encourage their association with actively growing roots.

PowerFish adds to these benefits by helping stimulate an even broader range of soil microbes that work to increase the availability of nutrients in the soil — so you get more bang for your fertiliser buck.

Liquid Organic Humate completes the trifecta by improving soil structure and moisture retention to maximise the benefit from each irrigation and every drop of rain.

‘‘The combination of rotational grazing and PastureMasta has helped me virtually double the amount of pasture I can grow,’’ beef producer Boyd Collins said.

‘‘I used a competitor product last year and had no end of trouble with blocked spray nozzles. This year I used PastureMasta and it just worked. I couldn’t be happier with the results.’’

With regular applications, many growers also find PastureMasta helps produce a quicker start at the season break and holds green pasture a bit longer into the dry end of the year.

And it is not just pasture that benefits — PastureMasta is also good for lucerne and fodder crop production.

‘‘This is the first time I have used PastureMasta — and while the season isn’t over yet, I have already seen a quicker response after cutting and I am very happy with the tonnages produced so far,’’ Nagambie lucerne grower Geoff Hateley said.

By Country News on February 25, 2016

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