Pasture sprayer offers solution

By Country News on February 24, 2016

Silvan Australia has released a new 2 500 litre or 3,000 litre capacity pasture sprayer that is providing dairy farmers, their contractors and pasture-based properties with the ideal choice for pasture management and renovation projects.

A key feature of the Silvan Pasture Sprayer range is the many boom choices available up to 18m along with electric control options that can be chosen to suit the application needs of a farmer or contractor.

Four different axle and tyre options are available.

A common feature however is the base 2,500 litre or 3,000 litre capacity Polytuff impact-resistant polyethylene spray tank complete with a calibrated fill sight line mounted on a fully galvanised chassis.

Another feature is the standard 100litre capacity fresh water tank — for tank flushing or hand washing use — mounted forward on the chassis for operator safety.

The basic pump offer is a PTO-drive Silvan self-priming oil-backed diaphragm pump with 121litres/minute capacity at 2,000 kPa pressure.

However three other pump options up to a hydraulic drive centrifugal pump of 400 litres/ minute open flow at 7,000 kPa pressure to suit a tractor with the available hydraulic capacity.

Four different control options include a five-section Silvamatic electric controller up to a Bravo automatic spray rate controller, with each option enabling the sprayer operation to be controlled from the tractor cabin.

The four track and wheel options range from a 2m width track axle with 24inch lug tyres up to an adjustable track option fitted with 44inch lug tyres.

The intermediate choices also include a turf tyre choice and a Simplicity axle fitted with 15inch lug tyres.

Recognising that every farm has different characteristics, the spray boom choices range from a 10m spray width hydraulic fold Devil Boom and then in graduations of 12m, 15m and 18m booms including self-levelling, hydraulic lift and airbag suspension options.

Additional options available ex-factory from Silvan include two different foam markers, a chemical hopper, three or five-section electric over hydraulic controls and two hose reel choices with hose length and nozzle choices to suit any proposed spot spraying application.

Silvan Australia’s spraying specialist Chris Tait said his company’s long experience and leadership in spraying equipment and accessories confirmed that every proposed application was different.

‘‘Our farmer and contractor clients always want options to spec their sprayer to their individual operational needs.

‘‘Silvan believes that by offering a strong feature-based 2500litre or 3000litre capacity trailed spray tank, it addresses the core requirement with the ability to add the operational and boom choices needed to address the in-field requirements on farm.

‘‘It is likely to be well recognised as the solution on which the best operational choices can be built,’’ Mr Tait said.

Prices for the 2,500 litre Silvan Pasture Sprayer range from $21,495 including GST.

By Country News on February 24, 2016

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