Tackling safety issues

By Country News on December 09, 2015

NSW Farmers’ industrial relations chair Richard Chamen said the group welcomed the recommendations handed down by the coroner.

‘‘While quad bikes are an important vehicle on farms, we recognise that steps need to be taken to improve quad safety and raise awareness about their danger in order to curb injuries and deaths,’’ Mr Chamen said.

‘‘This year alone we have had 19 quad bike related fatalities, three of them in NSW. Contrary to its name, a quad bike is not suitable for all-terrains.’’

Mr Chamen said any legislative changes would need to ensure that quad bikes remained practically workable on farms.

‘‘NSW Farmers is committed to working with regulators and interested parties to improve safety on farm. At the end of the day, we all want the same outcome — for farmers and workers and their family members to be safe living and working on farms.’’

Settled out of court

A Victorian farm worker who sued his employer after his quad bike rolled on top of him has settled out of court for a six-figure sum.

John Hortin spent eight days in a coma with serious injuries after his quad bike, which had a spray tank loaded on the back, flipped on top of him as he rode up an embankment in Alexandra in 2010.

‘‘I’m lucky to be alive,’’ says Mr Horton, who wants new laws requiring mandatory helmet use and rollover bars on quad bikes.

By Country News on December 09, 2015
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